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07/03/2012 § Leave a comment

Home and Duty is a blog to offer a glimpse into Aldershot’s rich history.

Aldershot is my home town, and I have been collecting related material for almost two years. After originaly placing some items onto my personal blog (Long May She Rain) I now feel ready to offer my discoveries on this site, for peoples own research and interest. I am particularly interested in the town around WW1, but you should also expect soldier portraits (both formal and amature), documentation of the barracks and POW camps, and snapshots of general town life, the earliest examples being from the late 19th Century.

Will's Cigarette card - Borough Arms, Aldershot

Collaborations and input are very welcome, and will be credited on the site.

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned!


  • If you would like to discuss the project, or have any material you would like to submit please email: info@katiebedlow.com
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